Wheelchair Van Brings Families Together: Travel to Baby Reveal!

When we first met Shavonique and her husband Anton, we heard how they were married in December and only three short months before he was shipped on a tour of the middle east as an active-duty Army Sergeant. Although they’d been together like 12 years (they met in 2008), they finally had their big day. On Dec 31, 2020, 9 months later, she got a call saying that he was injured in the hospital. She had no idea what this condition was and didn’t find out until March 2021 that the degree of his injuries led to paralysis except in the right arm and TBI head injury. 

She finally got him three months after the accident, and she is his sole caretaker while they are still working a full-time job. Of course, Shavonique is young and beautiful and in love. While not physically able to do everything he could before, her husband still has his great personality with intelligence, drive, and determination to get him through his therapy and better every day. 

They continued renting the van for the weekend getaways so they could go up to see Shavonique’s family and he could use his power chair. Eventually, they’ll get their van, but in the meantime, this is an excellent opportunity for them to gain freedom on the road and away from daily life at home.

Wheelchair accessible mini van used to travel to family baby reveal

The next time they returned, we were having a little celebration, and I offered her a glass of wine because she was tired from the long trip while she waited for the county TOPS transport (which is often late, and she declined. 

I said, “are you sure?” She hesitated and said, “Listen, you’re the first person I’ll tell, but I’m pregnant.” This was an exciting moment and an honor to be part of this exciting news. 

Sure enough, they rented the van several weeks later because her family wanted to have the baby’s gender reveal party. I guessed that it was a boy and I was right!

The photos are beautiful, and we wanted to share them with you because no matter what life brings you, those of us in the disability community understand there’s often joy right around the corner. Sometimes you have to open the door and step through. Roll through, that is!

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